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The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English is a four-year degree program conducted by the Department of English at Daffodil International University. The course contents cover the major British authors and their significant works along with major areas relating to language studies. Besides, classical European and American literature have been included in the syllabus. Further, courses from four other disciplines -- Computer Science, History of Europe, Business Communication, and Western Philosophy have been integrated into the program.
The program is spread over 04 (four) academic years (levels) and 12 (twelve) semesters. It consists of 126 (one hundred and twenty six) credits and 40 (forty) courses in total. The courses are categorized as:

  1. General Education Courses (GEC), and
  2. Core Courses (CC).

The General Education Courses refer to the courses on disciplines other than English integrated into the program.
Each of the course comprises 03 (three) credits. And a special feature of this program is that students will have to use the language laboratory as and when the course teachers would advise them.

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