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Depending on the student’s total number of year of academic career, MA in English program is divided into two categories. The categories are One Year MA in English Program and Two Years MA in English Program. The students who have previously obtained BA (Hons) in English from any recognized university are eligible to get admission to the One Year MA in English Program. The students with degrees other than BA (Hons) in English are eligible for admission to the Two Years MA in English Program. 
Credit and Course Requirements

  Programme Total Credits Number of Core Courses Number of Specialized Courses Total Courses
One Year MA 36 7 (Seven) 3 (Three) 10 + 1 (Dissertation and Viva Voce)

Two Years MA


66 14 (Fourteen) 6 (Six) 20 + 1 (Dissertation and Viva voce)

Depending on the availability of the courses to be offered and the number of the seats available in a section, a student can take a minimum of 2 (two) and a maximum of 4 (four) courses in a single semester.

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