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English Literary Club (ELC) of Daffodil International University was formed to enhance students’ literary faculty as well as enrich their English Language proficiency. Since 2008 the club has been glorifying the department of English through its dynamic activities. Among their activities Foundation day Rally, Film Show, International Children Film Festival, Spelling Bee Competition, Essay and Poster show Competition, Art of Islam were very successful. The efficient members of ELC are working hard to increase its dignity from national to international level. At present, it is one of the most vibrant clubs of DIU. It is open to all the students of DIU.


Now this club is standing as one of the most reputed clubs in DIU by the help of its most successful moderators Ms.Umme Kulsum (previous), Ms. Nahid Kaiser (previous), Mr. Nuruzzaman Moral (previous), Ms. Afroza Akhter Tina (previous), Gopa Biswas Ceasar (previous), Nuruzzaman Moral (previous), Afroza Akhter Tina (previous) and Zaki Rezwan (previous) and Sushmita Rani (Current).


Department of English

 English Speaking Platform is an initiative for the students of the Department of English of DIU for their English speaking practice. This will create an environment where students will feel happy and encouraged to speak English. Students will learn English with fun.


What will we do?

  1. Once or twice in every week ESP will arrange interesting sessions/events or activities for students to practice English.
  2. All the events/sessions will be moderated by a Faculty member.
  3. An executive Committee from the students of the department will lead, guide, encourage and arrange the programs.




  1. Singing English songs
  2. English debates
  3. Discussion on newspaper topics
  4. Role paying in English
  5. Short drama in English
  6. Motivational/Public speaking
  7. Story telling
  8. Learning pronunciations
  1. Speaking on Cue Card topics
  2. Extempore Speech
  3. Individual speaking on Selected Topics
  4. News presentation
  5. Live commentary
  6. Reciting English poems
  7. & many more!!!!


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